You shun and ignore me whenever I tell my true feelings. I never walk away from you. You left me standing there. I’m always waiting. Tell me, what do you really want from me? Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t put both of us through this unnecessary torment. You hold the key. You can change our fate. 

When you feel sad, You should cry your lungs out. After that, dry your tears n tell yourself that the worst is over. Think positive :)

If you still come to this space, I hope this will help you tide through this storm. No matter how hard life is to you, stay strong and don’t give up. Yes, it easy to say so but hard to do it. Believe me, I’ve been through this period. As long as you stay strong, you can do it. Remember this two words “Think Positively”.  

Hope u really take good care of yourself. Wonder how you are. Am tempted to contact you. But I know you won’t want to hear from me. I’ll be happy as long as you are happy :)

Chapter closed. Hope you are happy. I’ll never look back. Nonetheless, there will always be a special place reserved for u in my heart. ;)

I really have no idea how to move on. My life is always about you. Whatever I did, I do it for you. Maybe there are times when I seem not to care, but my ultimate goal is to be with you. Rmb that I told you I’ll love you forever. Baby.. No matter how you treat me, I’ll always love you. If you do see this, could you lessen my pain by replying to my SMS. I need you. Now, tmr and in future! I really hope you can consider my love for you again. 

How will you feel when that person you have been faithfully in love with tells you that she does not love you anymore? Worse, she has moved on to a new relationship in a short span of time. Is this the new definition of true love?

Maybe I understand, maybe I don’t. Not giving up, but I no longer want to try and make things work out.